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David Yurman Chain Necklace, 18″L DYF13_Y0QM8 - iLUXdb.com
Company:David Yurman
Product Type:Bracelets, Jewelry
Color:Black, Yellow
Price :$2,500.00

This ancient color combination makes a dramatic statement. The design palette evokes the grandeur of Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Napoleonic Empires. For Egyptians the union of black and gold symbolized the sun and the underworld, where they believed the light retreated into blackness each night to be regenerated anew each day. Napoleon made these colors synonymous with French Empire Style. David Yurman believes these necklaces and bracelets make the most powerful color statement in jewelry today. Blackened sterling silver. 18-karat yellow gold. 12 rows. Toggle clasp. Adjustable 16-18″L. Store Style Number: N09892 C818 Web Style Number DYF13_Y0QM8

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