cartier-eau-de-cartier-essence-dorange-eau-de-toilette-spray-fk557040_001 - - Cartier Eau De Cartier Essence D`Orange Eau De Toilette Spray fk557040
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Cartier Eau De Cartier Essence D`Orange Eau De Toilette Spray fk557040 -
Product Type:Eau de Toilette
Color:Orange, Violet

An eau for him and for her, so that each can feel the constant presence of the other. An eau with a velvety freshness, an ode to simplicity.

An abundant shower of sensations
from the freshest to the warmest
Woody Amber Hesperidium water (orange
violet flower
cedarwood-amber accord)
A vigorous and luminous water that draws its brilliance from a citrus cocktail with a top note of orange
The effervescence of orange is answered by the floral softness of violet flower
the soft woody warmth of cedarwood meets the saltier note of amber
recreated through the imagination of the perfumer
Like water
amber is timeless
Nobody knows how many months or years it drifts on the oceans before being washed ashore to be collected
water and the sun have endowed it with a very sensual patina
Like sun-kissed skin that has retained the salty taste of the sea
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